• Copy of Reservation Application
  • Duly Filled-up Buyers Information Sheet with signatureTwo (2) Valid
  • Government issued ID w/ 3 specimen signTwo (2) Original Copy of
  • Latest Proof of Billing
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Marriage Contract (if married)
  • Copy of Death Certificate (if widow/widower)
  • Signed BIR Form 1904 with/without TIN number
  • Notarized SPA, if represented by Atty.-in-Fact*
  • Notarized Affidavit of Declaration of Citizenship *
  • Notarized Sworn Statement (Batas Pambansa Blg. 185)*
  • Notarized Affidavit of Guardianship *
  • Notarized Waiver of Conjugal Rights *
  • Post Dated Checks


Reservation Process

Step 1

  • Buyer informs Seller of his/her intent to purchase a preferred unit/lot.
  • The agent will verify to the sales coordinator if the unit/lot is still available (applied this to all the projects that hasn’t been on the web holding).
  • Seller requests for inventory holding of preferred unit for buyer.
  • SLGMI holds the unit on request for three (3) days. (web holding and manual holding) “the web holding is strictly on the holdings, M.I.S. will notify the sales if it’s near the expiration date”.

Step 2

Filled up the primary documents.
Buyer submits the following documents within seven (7) days* from payment of reservation fee:

  • Copy of the validated bills payment to SLGMI
  • Signed Reservation Agreement (RA)*DULY FILLED UP*
  • Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS)*DULY FILLED UP*
  • BIR Form 1904
  • Copy of valid government-issued identification cards (ID)
  • Send your payment to SLLI/SLGMI/SLRDI bank accounts.
  • Others

*If documents are not submitted within the given time period, SLGMI lifts the holding of the unit.

Step 3

SLGMI verifies the completeness* and accuracy of documents.

*If documents are incomplete and unsigned, SLGMI returns documents to Buyer for completion.

Step 4

SLGMI books the reservation as an official sale, SLLI/SLRDI will issue an official receipt on your reservation fee.

Step 5

Processing of Contract to Sell (CTS)*CTS will be available if the down payment (20% -Above) is settled.

*If the DP is settled, SLGMI will process the Contract To Sell (CTS) and send it to the buyer via agent to sign the CTS and other forms and complete the requirements that are needed.

Note: Other requirements are:

  • Proof of Billings (2 different PoB with same name of the buyer and address written in the Buyers Information Sheet)

*if there is lacking on the PoB, provide the Certificate of Residency and Barangay Certificate

Other forms includes the legal forms if necessary e.g.:

  • Waiver of Conjugal
  • Citizenship
  • SPA-Special Power of Attorney