Live near the shore of the majestic Matabungkay Beach and be captivated with the clear and perfect sight of the horizon. South Coast Seaside Residences lets you immerse in a relaxing paradise lifestyle. This gentle retreat takes you to a secluded refuge where you can wake up to a spectacular view of the sea every morning.

Integrated Residential and Resort Community - Lian, Batangas


Witness the grandeur of a seaside escape..


Perspective Clubhouse


Lake Side Community

Make your home at the heart of a calm and still environment. Liberate yourself from the worries of the busy city life and escape to the comforts of nature. Enjoy a satisfying leisure experience with the finest amenities where you can spend precious time with your family.

Approximately 7 hectares will be developed into an exclusive high-end residential enclave within a man-made lake.

Reserved for the elite few who like the privacy & tranquility of a second home by the lake.


The modest town of Lian lies between Nasugbu and Calatagan. This charming municipality is a travel haven for beach lovers and tourists who want to dive rejuvenated with the clear blue waters of Batangas. Aside from Matabungkay beach, Lian takes pride in several other natural wonders and significant cultural landmarks.

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