Situated in the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas, you can experience the soothing songs of the beach and the warm embrace of green landscapes all around you. And as a testament of our souls enriching first class vision, let our European art inspired architecture make you even more proud to call Yanarra, “Home”.

Nasugbu, Batangas

Yanarra Seaside Residences is a private and exclusive community that boasts of premium living in one of the most famous vacation spots in the Philippines..

If the sparkle of the sea recharges you, take advantage of the wonderful beaches that are within the reach. From the exquisitely Greek-inspired Fortune Island to the well-received Canyon cove, Kawayan cove and Parrot’s Beak, We are easily near all these places where you can get you dose of Vitamin Sea.

Are you adventurous type? Then Yanarra is the perfect place for you to call home as it is near several hiking and mountain climbing spots. From eminent Mount Pico de Loro, to the ever thrilling Mount Talamitam and the equally exiting Mount Apayang, The thrill-seeker in you is right where the action is whenever you need than adrenaline rush.

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Multilevel Clubhouse

For your gastronomic yearnings, we are just a drive away from the famously indulgent Metro-Tagaytay. Enjoy the countless restaurants along the strip and feed your cravings as you wish. The place puts the "chill" in "chillax." And it is right in your backyard.

And as you enjoy all the natural greatness arround you, further uplift your spirit with all the iconic Churches around the area. To name a few are the Caleruega Church, the Sisters-Servant of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (more popularly known as the Pink Sisters Convent), the Our Lady of Lourdes Church and the Chapel on the Hill.

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Being in the heart of such natural wonders and fun escapades, Yanarra offers anything and everything that your family wants. And nestled on the hill above the Marina, bask in the fantastic views and exquisite solaces of what premium comfort living truly is. All for you and your family.

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